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  1. The presence of people really helps this photo out.

  2. Amazing photo. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks +luri Amorim – much appreciated :)

  4. love the leading lines ; )

  5. and there is no way to find bus or taxi !
    great perspective

  6. +raymond samson +Tomasz Piotrowski thanks appreciated :) +Victor Bezrukov buses and taxis hardly exist around here on land let alone the water :) Very different to Tel Aviv :)

  7. Michigan City Harbor which is in Indiana just outside of Michigan State. It is a great place for photography as it has just about everything. heavy industry, beach, marina, dunes, loads of old buildings etc.

  8. close to where you live?

  9. about a 30 minute drive – we used to live on the lakefront but moved about 20 miles inland a few years back. I miss it.

  10. love the lines. really great composition. the person in there I think is what makes this such a great shot.

  11. wow, those tones and comp…. beautiful Steve!

  12. +Hilton Meyer Thanks! agree that the person is an essential element – I took shots without and they were pretty ordinary

  13. +Sam Weinstein thanks Sam – as always :)

  14. Beautiful clean shot Steve. Super stuff :)

  15. Thanks +Lynda Bowyer this was one of those shots that it would have been hard to miss.

  16. top work! philos in pics+++

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