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  1. oh never new that..they are extinct???

  2. I thought it was those Terra Nova guys with their big guns. (I know, it won't travel well but the USA will "get" it.)

  3. +Scott Christensen I lasted 50 minutes into T. Nova – worst writing in the history of the universe. Pity as the premise had potential.

  4. Hahahaha… this is fantastic in so many ways! As for T. Nova… it's THAT bad… I'm holding out that they'll bring come cohesion in to it eventually…

  5. +Clark Baird I couldn't get past the setting up of the main families internal relationships – it was as if the writer had lived in a cave for their whole lives, watched an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful then read an instruction manual.

  6. +Daniel Chen All part of the circle of life. :)

  7. +Steve Johnson Poor dinosaurs deserve a weapons upgrade to fight off the eeevil hand tools :)

  8. +Daniel Chen Has the makings of a great B movie "Dino's With Nukes vs The Eevul Grippers"

  9. I think TN has been doing low key movie homages… Jurassic Park, The Birds and Andromeda Strain come to mind for the first 3 episodes. It's what is keeping me interested. Oh well, I'll go away now…

  10. That made me giggle :)

  11. +Scott Christensen that is one interpretation :) I'll give it another go though.

  12. Haha! I love this series!

  13. +Doug DeTraz Thanks! I suspect that there may be a reprise – I have lots more plastic dinosaurs :)

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