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  1. oh I like the change of pace . . . I am most definitely going to find something to play today : )  love that sparkly grass bokeh and beautiful light! nudging +Steven Sherwin and +David Murphy , good morning from sunny Cali : ) 

  2. Thanks for the nudge +Jules Falk Hunter ah will have to find a hand myself – I like this shot +Steve Johnson :))

  3. There's no hard place between this rock +Steve Johnson just perfect green grass with a few sprinkling of bokeh bling for added pleasure. Thanks for sharing Steve and for the nudge over +Jules Falk Hunter : )

  4. This is beautiful! So sparkly and bright!

  5. Wow +Cheryl Cooper loving the profile pic… well groovy – very very cool me dears!

  6. +David Murphy thank you :) +Cheryl Cooper shiny objects will be my downfall :)

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