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  1. I like this +Steve Johnson tells a great story

  2. It really tells the story.

  3. You make me smile, Steve … this is great.

  4. Thanks to everyone – I don't get many days like that but now and again they happen :)

  5. i get 'em a lot…and am very glad i'm not the only one.

  6. I've kept staring at this photo for the past 5 minutes … proves its point I guess. Love the shot too :)

  7. Maybe it's just my creative process … but it needs more crumpled-up paper. :)

  8. I love this minimalism.

  9. +Mineki Sato this is where my roots are – I love experimenting but always seem to come back to the minimalism/modernism thing

  10. There is just something about this that draws my eye, great image…

  11. +Michael Sutton Thanks Michael – it was one of a conceptual series from a couple of years back that wasn't used – seemed to sum up my morning. It was a flippant post that I expected everyone to ignore ot be honest.

  12. Ans Steve those ones are often the most popular…

  13. Ooooh, liking the concept! :)

  14. Brilliant, +Steve Johnson. If I may, I'd like to use the word 'concise' for this image. Concise, yet weighty message.

  15. +Michael Sutton It never ceases to surprise me – which is a good thing. +Lynda Bowyer Thanks! it is one I have known +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence concise is good (:

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