13 Responses to “These are the result of a wander around the house and garden”


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  1. Beautiful bokeh on this one, Steve!

  2. +John E. Williams thanks John – most of the credit has to go to the lens though (:

  3. nice tones and bokeh<3

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Bokeh. love

  5. +Myrna Weinreich Thanks Myrna. Off topic – have you revealed the answer to the mystery picture yet (:

  6. I'll tell you if you want to know..do you?

  7. Wondrous bokeh. And I love the work avoidance part…

  8. +Lawrence del Mundo ha! me too (: I am now sort of working – will probably fget up to full speed and 100% concentration by around 5pm

  9. ah.. procrastination at it's finest. ; )

  10. Very good and the bokeh is awesome.

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