13 Responses to “This is what happens when I read a lot of Stephen King. ”


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  1. i love his books and i can confirm this feeling ;-)

  2. +Brigitte werisse Me too – currently on about page 650 0f 'Under the Dome' and my editing is definitely getting darker :)

  3. Excellent shot! Must get 'Under the Dome' from library :D

  4. +Mari Sterling Wilbur Ha! yup skip the photography manuals and go straight for the horror :)

  5. Keep on reading +Steve Johnson , I like the results ;-))

  6. +Annelies Kroen Thanks  - still have about three of his to read so plenty more dark photos to come ;)

  7. YES! Looking forward to it +Steve Johnson ! ! !

  8. Ah, yes. I read Under The Dome. Just finished Full Dark, No Stars myself. :)

  9. +Lotus Carroll That is next on my list – ordered it this morning :)

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