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  1. tik .. tik …good click ….

  2. love this Steve, the colour, comp, reflections, everything : ) 

  3. tick tock of time fading by

  4. This is awesome! Reminds me of the movie Hugo

  5. +Swee Oh high praise indeed! –  haven't seen the movie yet but certainly plan to – not the usual Scorsese by all accounts.

    +Lori Seebeck Thanks – managed it without damaging the camera – close call though :)

    +Jules Falk Hunter Thanks – the dust is real :)

    +Mira Stevenson Sometimes it feels more like time galloping away.

  6. You will enjoy it, the cinematography, storyline, amazing! :)

  7. +Swee Oh It was on my list then stuff seemed to just get in the way – It got fantastic reviews and from what I've heard the cinematography is out of this world. Certainly curious to see how the 3D works. 

  8. Somehow, I prefer 2D in HD, better details and clarity vs 3D. I haven't seen ii on 3D but based on most 3D movies I have seen, I am not a big fan of 3D movies :p But do let me know when you have seen it. Much like your photo here :))

  9. +Swee Oh re 3D me neither generally speaking but Scorsese seemed to like working with it so am I curious. Cameron said that it was better than anything that he had done in 3D and he is not known for his modesty! Usually though I am 2D all the way.

  10. Ha, I should check it out, but 1st have to find a 3D TV lol. I wasn't impressed with Avatar's 3D but the Bluray was amazing. I could see the details which I didnt see on 3D. I am all about special effects and details ….:))

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