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  1. +Steve Johnson agree with +Pearl Lombardo it is fantastic. Lyrically dreamy

  2. Nicely done!!! I really love this

  3. +Harshit Thaker +CJ Schmit +John Frenzel +Pearl Lombardo Thanks! this is encouraging. To be honest this is a very simple image post processed. (Picasa – nothing high end) I intend to put a couple of hours into practising this today so expect more and apologies in advance if it gets boring :)

  4. Sometimes the most simple things can turn out to be the best :)

  5. Beautiful tones and selective focus!

  6. I love this, +Steve Johnson! Fantastic focus and dreamy feel.

  7. +CJ Schmit +David Deschenes +Kerry Murphy Thanks! I never done selective focus (should be called selective blurring because that is really what it is) in post before so am really just testing the waters.

  8. Very cool. I've been wanting to play with selective focus too. Love the strong contrast in the blur areas, it really sets the stage.

  9. What a nice atmosphere! Wonderful shot!

  10. Agree with +Takahiro Yamamoto Great atmosphere. Really creates a somber, poignant mood.

  11. This is wonderfully done!

  12. +Sumit Sen Thanks Sumit! it goes a little beyond what I'd normally do in post.

  13. Selective blurring … indeed! I like it! …;-)

  14. Wonderful blur +Steve Johnson Is this with Picnick again?

  15. +Jim Nooney Thanks – this was with the Picasa tool which is very basic – size and strength of blur – no feathering or blend/fade controls – A lot of room for refining with Picnik – better tool and chance to mix with their old cheap film camera filters.

  16. It's a top job Steve! All of your b&w work has some fab contrast – super stuff! In fact, I can spot your work as soon as it pops up on my stream before I've even seen the name – very distinctive!

  17. In honor of the World Series. Home Run +Steve Johnson

  18. +Greg Murray Thanks Greg! one day I'll learn the rules of baseball – now if it was cricket… :) +David Hawkins-Weeks Thanks David! – can't ask for much more than that :)

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