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  1. is it an agave Steve ? ….. if so ,the next time i would like to see a photo of the product made out of —-tequila ;)…..good afternoon ;)

  2. Sweet shot and good morning!

  3. +Daniel Chen +Nathan Beaulne +Rob Amend Morning all :) – work got in the way of messing around so it is now nearly lunchtime here. Editing loads of food photographs today and realized that I had a lot more to do than I thought – numbers of photographs not trying to rescue badshots thankfully. +Dirk Nabel It is actually the tip of a bronze arrow that is part of a sundial – the globe type if that makes any sense. I'll find or shoot a pic of the whole thing.

  4. +Steve Johnson Dropped by to say hope you had a good lunch, fab picture you got here, and that I posted the shot I was telling you about a while back. :)

  5. +Steve Johnson lol …it looked like a thorn/leave of an agave …i need new glasses ;)

  6. +Dirk Nabel Not your glasses – cheap lens attachment and processing designed to degrade image further :)

  7. +Lawrence del Mundo Hi Lawrence! – on my way to look now :)

  8. I'm checking you out too because I got hooked on your work this afternoon.

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