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  1. Very useful tips and nice pics! thank you so much. I love the pic you shot the outside scene on the window. I thought about it in rainy days but never be successful with the pics.

  2. steve

    This post that I wrote about a week ago
    Always Read the Manual | Minimalist Photography 101
    describes the way that I can get good low light images at 2mp which for screen use is fine (your article covers this in some depth). The setting allows for hand holding the camera down to about 1/4 second shutter speed without the need to lean on something.

  3. To many people are scared to take there camera out on a rainy day. Being a wedding photographer in the uk often i dont have a choice.

    • steve


      See you are in the oldest (I think) new town. I spent many happy years in Harlow, Essex.

      We’re getting plenty of rain here at the moment in the Midwest. Not as much as the UK normally gets though. Really liked the pre-wedding pics btw.

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