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  1. ..to the point..escape from the day-to-day life..really good shot.


  2. That, I think, is very hard to do. Just wanted to make that point :-)
    Lovely and thoughtful post as always.

  3. +Sumit Sen Thank you, appreciated as always (: +Dave DiCello Thanks – it was a little trickier than I thought it would be +buda buda couldn't agree more (:

  4. i was thinking about the black pen escaping the white paper..nothing else :) the contrast is amazing..really like your shots


  5. +buda buda Thanks- really appreciated. (: I used to do a lot of product and tabletop photography – a great way to learn. The shadow was the part of the image that I gave the most thought to as the relationship between pen and surface was key.

  6. Great shot, every aspect works well together.

  7. +Kerry Murphy Thanks Kelly – made me realize that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and start wearing my glasses for photography!

  8. Steve, I just found out that I NEED glasses! I was taking pics of my daughter playing football and trying to figure out why my camera wouldn't focus… now I have glasses ;-) This is a very "pointed" picture, btw!

  9. +Melisa Lambert ha! thanks – deteriorating eyesight is really insidious – I have only just stopped blaming my lenses. It is also a lesson in not trusting the little red light too much. First time I put glasses on and adjusted the viewfinder diopter was a revelation. (:

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