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  1. :-D Hey are you on fb? There's a G+ group and a few amazing groups there.

  2. I keep meaning to sort out my FB mess. Somehow over the years I've gained three accounts under my name and rather than sort them out I've exercised avoidance. Time to stop that and take the bull by the horns I think.

  3. Well, why don't we start by adding me and I'll show you around..:-D You'll love I promise! http://facebook.com/myrnaslist I will see you more than here.

  4. +Myrna Weinreich Sounds good to me – I'll just see which of the FB accounts I want to run with (I know that I can't fold them all into one) and will see you on the other side so to speak.

  5. I will give you some great pages for photographers..btw, our mutual friend +Jeff Smith is over there along with many other favs!

  6. love the DoF and processing, very cool image.

  7. Totally like this one!

  8. +Greg Murray Totally disposable though :)

  9. I just told +Jeff Smith that you're coming over there +Steve Johnson he smiled..haha right Jeff?

  10. Haha, +Myrna Weinreich your so fast! FB to GPlus in milliseconds.Yes that's right! +Steve Johnson love to see you there too!

  11. haha and now I must get refueled as in food! +Jeff Smith

  12. +Jeff Smith +Myrna Weinreich thanks! – food is calling here also – will then work out which account I'm keeping and will be over.

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