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  1. +raymond samson I used to use for shoots all the time but then they gave it a coat of paint and it just isn't the same anymore – used to have a great Reservoir Dogs type vibe with zero actual risk :)

  2. haha reservoir dogs with zero risk!

  3. LB lens? Nice in any case

  4. great.. awesome.. very well captured.

  5. I second +Mark Forman   is this a Lensbaby?  lovely composition.

  6. +Mark Forman Thanks Mark – not a LB I cheated and did all the blurring in post production.

  7. Thanks +Jon Beall Thanks – all post production – d40x with a kit lens IIRC.

  8. +Steve Johnson OK wasn't sure about that…I only do that not having LB lol

  9. +Mark Forman I don't use the LB as much as I thought I would to be honest – will probably get it out again this weekend and give it another go.

  10. +Steve Johnson Hmm I always felt the lenses were kind of gimmicky-but also feel that way about ultra wide fisheye's…I've had so many shots that PP'ed with selective vignette blur and have people ask me if LB lens

  11. I like new toys – try something out LBs, Fisheyes, New processing technique etc, then get bored of it and move onto the next shiny object. My way of learning I guess. +Mark Forman

  12. +Steve Johnson No I hear ya-I'm about the same. It cycles back some…

  13. +Mark Forman agree – it is all becomes part of the toolbox – don't like that metaphor but can't think of a better one at the moment.

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