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  1. Thats cool Steve. It looks like a real TtV.

  2. +Kurt Harvey Confession – I wasn't even sure what Through the Viewfinder was exactly, I'd heard the term but never looked into it. so I just checked out the Flickr group – I like it a lot! – am very much into different types of photography and the different feel from each – everything from Polaroids to iPhones.

  3. Very cool Steve! There are some amazing photos in that group. I love to experiment like that too plus those old cameras are a hoot! If you haven't seen it already there's a pretty cool TTV Camera app for the iPhone. It has quite a few options. I have a B&W TtV of an oak tree I'll post in a bit. Didn't quite have it ready for tree Tuesday. It has an interesting vintage look to it that comes from the ground glass viewfinder of the old TLR camera.

  4. +Kurt Harvey Looking forward to seeing it. I have two monitors and one has the Flickr group page open – I'm doing five minutes work then spending 10 minutes browsing the photos.

  5. There are so many good photogs in that group but a few in particular that I enjoy are Steven Hight, jenn fog, crafty dogma, Friendly Joe and leftoverking.

  6. For a sec, I thought it was a spinning roulette wheel!

  7. +Kurt Harvey Thanks for the heads up Kurt – really appreciated.

  8. +Steve Johnson ha! that would probably make it Indiana's most interesting park :)

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