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  1. I can only guess, but I love it.

  2. Fantômes de la ville,très urbain :)

  3. Pacman, Mario Mushroom, No Breakdancing Allowed

  4. I've noticed this phenomenon, all windows are the same but light reflections are different one from another, weird but looks great!

  5. Thanks +Darren Rye I like the ghosts of the city idea +Christine Norich thanks :) 

  6. +Todd Benore So that is what it is – the city testing new signage :) 

  7. +Ana Leko Nikolic That sounds about right – I could work out where the reflections were coming from (roughly) but not the differences in pattern :)

  8. Cool effect. It's a message and your duty is to figure it out. ;-) +Steve Johnson

  9. +Greg Murray I can do this – I watch Dr Who :)

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