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  1. look kinda greyish to me. ;)

  2. ceci n'est pas un oeuf…

  3. just started a new fun day #Two4Tuesday only 2 things curated by +Mary C Legg

  4. +Mary C Legg Excellent – I have lots of twos! and will edit this. :)

  5. the eggs gave me the idea… you can add some more into the folder, but seems that Tuesday should be for twos… this time two of same thing… maybe next week change … I've never done this before. is experimental stage like G+

  6. Eggscellent! (Um … sorry … ;o))

  7. +Mary C Legg Sounds like a good idea to me – I like the esoteric ones.

  8. +Robin Griggs Wood Allow me to eggspress my thanks :)

  9. +Steve Johnson — I would, but I get too eggscited when people do that … ;o7
    (Sorry, again, Steve — it's like burping in public, there's no cure … ;oD)

  10. I put group list here #Two4Tuesday curated by +Mary C Legghttp://gpc.fm/l/two4tues
    thanks very much for cooperation. next week I think opposites, big and small, fat and thin, tall and short–that sort of thing. After that would like other suggestions and hopefully somebody will jump forward to do honors.

    I have big problems with google server on constant basis– they keep overriding my page to Czech an it is very unstable so often things just vanish while I am working on them.. does a royal job on typing

  11. Love this shot. Big fan of eggs and you've captured the balance well.

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