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  1. +John Frenzel Thanks John I am easily distracted.

  2. Amazing! The "Abyss" came to mind immediately when I saw this.

  3. +Lawrence Prather Of course, I missed that but you are right – that special effect was groundbreaking at the time. Amazing considering the computer technology at the time.

  4. +Steve Johnson I was definitely blown away when I first saw it, at least that scene anyway.

  5. +Lawrence Prather I enjoyed it and actually read the book as well – which wasn't too bad. Orson Scott Card I think.

  6. I've come back to this twice. The refraction in the rabbits with the B&W is just too cool.

  7. Can't stop looking at this. Excellent!

  8. +Doug DeTraz +Roxanne Handelong Thanks! really appreciated. I plan on doing some more experimenting tomorrow which I think will be really interesting – more bokeh is part of the plan (:

  9. Looking forward to the result +Steve Johnson !

  10. I like the idea you have here and the rabbits with the reflections are just toooo cool but the background really distracts and diminishes your idea imho…..i think it is worth experimenting with a different background

  11. +Doug DeTraz It involves an f1.8 being pointed towards the sun and a polarizing filter so it should be interesting (and shouldn't fry my sensor hopefully)
    It'll either be spectacular or a complete letdown – I'll post the result either way. (:

  12. Can that damage a sensor?? Oops. I've shot a lot of things into the sun. (not including sunrise/sunsets)

  13. +Doug DeTraz My understanding is that a short exposure wouldn't normally do any harm but ldeally direct exposure to the sun should be avoided. Also the bigger the aperture the more likely a problem.

    I may be wrong but I'll put a polarizer or even an ND filter on just to be safe though as the glass I'm photographing might just focus the rays.

  14. Alright. I'm ok then. Normally when I shoot into the sun, 9/10 times I've got an ND filter on. Again, can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve!

  15. +Wendy Bandurski-Miller Thanks for the feedback (: What you see in the rabbits is not reflection but the image background through the glass therefore if the background is clear then the rabbits will also be clear. The thing that I am going to experiment with tomorrow may or may not give a cleaner look.

  16. +Doug DeTraz After the build up I'm giving it here it will probably be a complete let down (:

  17. i guess what i was saying is I thought that a house with window is kinda conceptually and effectively a distraction… you have hit upon something really amazingly effective here.. but damm the background is kinda 'unfortunate' is the word i would uselol thank you for understanding i was not being negative but no one had mentioned it yet…. and i was sorta surprised. !!!

  18. Really interesting effects with all of the reflections.

  19. +Wendy Bandurski-Miller Is it possible that that people haven't mentioned it because they don't agree with you? I have no way of knowing but it is a possibility.

  20. +Steve Johnson The discussion on the background is interesting – I do find it a bit distracting. I also think that you've got a great start to build on. Like you mentioned in one of your replies to +Wendy Bandurski-Miller, a blank background wouldn't work because the interesting reflections wouldn't be there. Is there a background that's less recognizable as something "mundane" but that still would have interesting patterns? I think it's the surreal quality to the image that works so well, and the house in the background brings us back to reality. Does that make sense?

  21. Take the rabbits to the curved bench you've been shooting. Maybe that's the image that's hiding in the bench. :)

  22. +Janet Nix That could be interesting – seriously, thanks for the thought Janet. Think I'll do it early on a Sunday morning though – don't want to confuse the locals. (:

  23. +Diana Brennan i've just looked at the image on my 19 inch monitor full screen and like the relationship between the foreground and the background – the relationship between the wicker table top, the glass top and the background seems OK. I think the relationship between foreground and background is interesting.

    The easy way to tame the background would be to reshoot the image using a larger aperture, say an f2.8 which I will probably do tomorrow.

    When I post things here they are not finely crafted finished works but rather things that I think people may find interesting and that they can use. Once in a while I will post something specifically for critiquing by others – I didn't really have that in mind for this image though.

  24. That's really interesting +Steve Johnson thanks

  25. +Jon Savage Thanks Jon – appreciated as always.

    o/t looks like there is going to be a #OWS related protest in our town, Valparaiso tomorrow – haven't found out many details yet but it seems to be aimed primarily at Chase Bank, Not sure what ot expect as previous protests here have had anything from 6 to several hundred. Could make for some interesting pics though.

  26. +Steve Johnson Go shoot it if you can (the #OWS thing in your town). I'm shooting another one tomorrow as well.

  27. +Jon Savage LB or a bit further afield? I am definitely going – it is only 150 yds from my house – if it takes off my life could get very interesting very quickly (:

  28. +Steve Johnson LB again but bigger and occupying for real starting tomorrow.

  29. +Jon Savage Excellent! looking forward to seeing the pics.

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