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  1. Great visual representation of the string theory +Steve Johnson :)

  2. This is one of those shots that reminds me that there's a sense of minimalism in chaos. Fantastic work, +Steve Johnson!

  3. Only this one is "organized", very nice dof!

  4. Bonnes fêtes Chaos  ♫ ❤ ☼ ☾ *

  5. Beautiful dof in chaos!!!

  6. Thanks +Nikola Nikolski all the interesting stuff happens on the boundaries :)

  7. +Moin Ahmad Chaotic Minimalism – it is not as contradictory as it sounds :)

  8. Thanks +Kim Smith appreciated –  must work for my wife too – I didn't arrange this shot – just opened a lid :)

  9. Yep that is what my sewing basket looks like inside. Not sure John has opened that lid!  have a good one.

  10. Thanks +Holger Drallmeyer not this time – f/1.8 with a bit of help from the fake tilt shift Snapseed filter.

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