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  1. dark and rather ominous . . . love it!  here's a cool tune to go with it : Man in the Long Black Coat Illustrated  : ) 

  2. I love the detail on the dots… Cool composition +Steve Johnson!

  3. +Jules Falk Hunter Thanks Jules – love that song – one of my favorites. :)

  4. Fantastic! Have to see this on wide screen

  5. Thanks +raymond samson :) Even used a tripod for this one IIRC.

  6. Need to use my tripod. Or sell it. Still new after a year: )

  7. I use mine as a stand for one of those clip on cooling fans in my office. Image stabilization and improved noise reduction software have pretty much made it redundant. 

  8. lol, expensive cooling fan stand.

  9. +raymond samson Yes but it is the most stable cooling fan on the planet :)

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