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  1. "Times we used … Times we longed to "

    We have again .
    But we have to earn again .
    We have to burn the wannabe notes and invitations / to see the able altitude yesterday's waste can now gain .
    From fire , to view / bring em all.

    (Great photos sometimes give me appettite to answer reply with a poem )

    Congrats for the conceive of that photo .

  2. Very Cool! I had to look twice there ;)

  3. Thank you +Akis Tzoulis beautiful words :)

  4. +Holger Drallmeyer Thanks :) It really is a giant beach ball ;)

  5. Great image with a surrealistic atmosphere of dark disquietude :)

  6. Thanks +Nick Nicholson and I will probably steal 'dark disquietude' :)

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