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  1. I know why i've got you in the " look ever day — vip " circle …. i enjoyed every photo so far ;)

  2. I would expect to see more cars parked at an indoor gun range, is there also parking in the back? :)

  3. +Shawn Fahrmann :)No but there is a lot at the front (Wallmart in the same row). Suspect the range is busy though.

  4. +Steve Johnson We Americans definitely know how to fill up our space…the lighting here is great!

  5. +Jim Nooney Thanks Jim, think that this was shot about half an hour after the sun had gone down – the light is from the shop windows, signs etc.

  6. It is very archetypal. I'll be glad when we grow beyond our car culture.

  7. +C.J. Shane I certainly second that – problem is that we'd need a decent public transport system and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  8. +C.J. Shane When exactly do you see that happening…especially since our car culture has now evolved into our SUV culture?

  9. +Renee Stewart Jackson Of course I've only been here for around 10 years so much of it still looks new to me. I don't think I'll ever get used to rows and rows of red and yellow food packaging or red and yellow signage though. :)

  10. Hahaha !!!
    Pardon my ignorance, but where are you from ?

  11. +Renee Stewart Jackson England, North Devon (SW England) for five years then London for a few decades. True about the red and yellow thing :)

  12. +Steve Johnson I agree about the need for good public transport (and more bicycling) and I think it will happen probably later than sooner. It's going to take a while for people to get serious about it. Meanwhile you are documenting a way of life that I really believe is disappearing. I grew up in West Texas and your photo reminds me so much of that small town on the high plains life….not so common anymore. It's all going the way of the drive-in theaters.
    +Jim Nooney At some point people will begin to realize that cars are a pain in the ass – they cost a lot, require constant maintenance, and the gasoline and oil have all sort of geopolitical costs. Maybe they will take a bike ride and remember how much fun it is to swish along smelling the flowers (can't do that in a car), or they'll take the bus or train and be relieved to not have to find a parking place and wonder why they haven't been riding the bus/train more. I don't know when but it's coming!! Of course it would help to vote out of office certain Congressmen in the pocket of the oil industry.

  13. I spent my first 40 years happily not owning a car. Have always enjoyed biking and I used to like nothing better than getting on something and having someone else have the resonsibility of delivering me safely to my destination. Where I am now I have to own a car, no option (and our town is one of the few in a region making a good faith attempt to establish public transport).

  14. +Steve Johnson I think in addition to the personal things we can do, we really have to put pressure on our political "leaders" to find transportation alternatives. I'm glad to hear your town is making an effort.

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