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  1. Congratulations on selling your work!

    • Steve

      Thanks Willow
      - Meg is delighted- she does all the hanging and adminy type stuff and it was great to see her efforts pay off.

  2. You two make a great team . . . congrats Steve!

    Two weeks ago I had a conversation with an artist friend (here in CA) about his painting sales. Most of his painting are very large also. He’s had galleries in the south west and NY take all of his work in years past. That all came to a screeching halt last year. Luckily business at his hair salon (he cuts my son’s hair, I cut my own) is booming. Seems people don’t stop spending money on lookin’ good.

    • Steve

      That is good to know – hairdressing thrives and big art plummets ha! Seriously I know several other artists that work big and it seems to have been the same all round.

      Meg and I get on really well but she does boss much better than she does drone so I am happy to just stay out of the way!

  3. Well done, Steve. I wish you more success in times of recession or otherwise. More power to you!

    • Steve

      Thanks Lawrence – it was almost felt like free money it was so long since I’d thought about these paintings.

      Thanks also for all of your input on the list thing over at G+ really helped a lot. I think that there are about 80 photographers on it now.

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