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  1. Superbly done. Black and white with an analog object in excellent relief. Like it.

  2. Nice! (Ahhh… it feels like my G+ space again. :-)

  3. +Lynne Goodwin thanks! I do miss this place – I'd really got into the routine of working for a couple of hours then spending 20 minutes here then stretching my legs for ten minutes and then doing it all again.

  4. +JR Snyder Jr Thanks! the stepped dof was part of the appeal for me.

  5. Beautiful photo and tones, +Steve Johnson Yeah, we miss you hanging with us. . .

  6. +Paulissa Kipp Thanks! – Only a very temporary break – I do have a really bad habit of spending too much time here then having to really hoof it to meet deadlines. Bit like college :)

  7. Really like it! Time is an illusion….

  8. +Greg MurrayThanks Greg – it certainly feels that way at the moment +Kego Koda +Kevin Childress Thanks :)

  9. really dig the lighting and the comp on this one +Steve Johnson! has a very cool Alfred Hitchcock feel to it. or Twilight Zone.

  10. +shane holsclaw Thanks Shane – I am a big fan of TZ. I think I learned as much from movies as from photographers.

  11. +Steve Johnson is pulling out a watch series now… I am a big fan of your work man. First the "egg" series and now this one (and ice in between…cold). Just awesome!!!

  12. +Paras Shah yup – I just tend to post stuff as I do it – if I think it is interesting or has something interesting I just post it here. I usually have Lightroom on one monitor and Chrome on another so it is very easy!

  13. Indeed an interesting collection you got up there +Steve Johnson. Love your work.

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