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  1. Thanks for sharing about your journey. Imitation of what others have already mastered is a great way to develop understanding. It's the "student/Master" paradigm. at some point the student must leave the master and develop on their own. I will refrain from critique, it has not been asked for, but many of these photographs have elements of really great photography!

  2. +Ron Clifford Thanks Ron and thanks for refraining from critique as that I feel is part of the problem, specifically with landscapes. I have noticed here that those who chose to critique landscapes tend to be more rigid in their expectations and more tied to rules that others regard as little more than guidelines than critiques of other genres. Many of the rules are the rules of the Pictorialists – for anyone who tends towards Modernism or even Post-Modernism they do not have a lot of relevance.

  3. +Steve Johnson Agreed. Every ones vision is unique and I can tell you what I think would make a picture look good to me. Don't get me wrong, I believe that "when asked" a critique by trusted creatives can help tremendously.. too much and it becomes noise especially at the hands of the less experienced. The "rules" create strong compositonal, textural and colour statements but in no way encompass the infinite possibilities of excellent design.

  4. I really enjoyed this collection. I'm always amazed by your ability to capture all kinds of subjects and turn them into fascinating photographs.

  5. +Ron Clifford Thanks Ron, I am not anti-critique and will on occasions request one – it is not ego driven but I wouldn't expect anyone to spend time on something that I hadn't really put a lot of effort into. Being an ex teacher I really see the value of them but do place a lot of emphasis on the importance of the artist's intent. Many will critique by ruler, ignoring the problems that the artist set out to solve. Or something like that (:

    I really do appreciate the generalized feedback though.

  6. +Jaycee Crawford Thanks! +Daniel Chen Thanks Daniel – I've always seen photography as a lens through which anything in the real world can be interpreted as opposed to a choice of object or subject. (excuse the confusing metaphor)

  7. By viewing your photos here on G+ you are "teaching" me and I say thank you +Steve Johnson

  8. +Greg Murray Thanks Greg just let me know if I get too preachy :)

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