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  1. Looks like real ivory.. can't find that anymore. Nice capture.

  2. it "feel" like a broken nail the flesh is exposed

  3. Thanks +Pam Chalkley-Boling it is old but not an expensive one so not sure if it is real ivory or not. +Julian Ortiz ouch! and yes, see it now :)

  4. Many old pianos are not worth much, even though the keys are ivory topped +Steve Johnson .. sadly.

  5. That makes sense – this one was an old student grade upright that is now in a friends basement – holds its tuning pretty well though. +Pam Chalkley-Boling

  6. Awesome picture… Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Nagyon good picture nice work.

  8. Nicely seen and captured. Great detail and colors too.

  9. This brings back memories of spending a lot of time restoring old upright pianos in the 1970's, in Boston, and chasing elusive, dreams.

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