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  1. "If there is one job that drives me nuts it is designing websites – Content creation, on the other hand, is a great way to spend time. "

    I'm the exact opposite. :)

  2. Oh, real quick FYI, as web designer: You should re-make this image (http://minimalistphotography101.com/wp-content/uploads/frugal/mp101head.jpg) in PNG format to avoid those JPEG artifacts around the letters. Note: by re-make, I mean re-save it from the source; opening the JPEG and saving as a PNG won't fix it.

  3. +Matt Soave ha! I think that I've just done too much of it over the years. Nowadays I avoid it altogether other than the occaisional WordPress site for friends.

  4. +Matt Soave yup – that was a quick job that was meant to last a day – several months ago. It is number one on my lest (prior to getting rid of the white on the feedburner form and lining up the sidebar generally).

  5. +Matt Soave You gave me the kick up the backside required for which I am truly grateful – the header is now redone as a png file with a couple of minor design changes.
    Thanks Matt.

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