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  1. Not bad. Got some burn-in

  2. been there tried that…. not an art form I can accomplish… neat shot btw

  3. I welded for almost 15 years, loved it. Not art, but heavy equipment, awnings, propane tanks, racing wheel chairs……Learned something at the very beginning too…. never ever tuck your jeans legs in your boots as a fashion statement :)

  4. +Crickett McKinney +Corbin Elliott +Jason Dell I've always wanted to learn how to weld but for some reason haven't got around to it. We have a friend who gives us his practice pieces. He works at one of the local steel mills, practices there and I put plants and stuff in the results – they do look like really cool sculptures though.

  5. IMO just working with a welder is an art form…. i just sold my Mig… that has been sitting in the garage for years… because I did not have the touch,.. will leave that one to the steady hands that know how to wield the weld… :)

  6. aaww +Corbin Elliott , if you only knew how much coffee I once consumed back then :) I once told someone that women made the best welders, we have the steadiest hands.

    I loved when I tigged brass (made those rolly cart thingies for hotels) hated tigging stainless, only due to I'd forget about stainless cools color wise so fast but not heat wise (ouch on the elbows when placed on a fresh weld), steel always was my favorite.

    +Steve Johnson , see if you can find a propane tank welding company, that might let you have some of their scraps. The bottom half of a tank with the foot ring, is the best planter. I kept my parents supplied with them for several years.

  7. very interesting and unusual – love as always your fantasy and the colours

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