10 Responses to “Wet and Dry”


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  1. Liking your concepts of late +Steve Johnson – great work! :)

  2. +Lynda Bowyer Thanks Lynda – sometimes it is good to do something with ideas rather than just the scene in front of the camera – though that always takes priority in my case.

  3. Concept is always welcomed – its where imagination, creativity and sometimes escapism can have free rein. Your images have brightened my day +Steve Johnson :)

  4. +Lynda Bowyer Thanks – that is heartwarming to hear.

  5. Beautiful, Steve! You are so inspiring. I love the way you view the world.

  6. So beautiful. It's difficult to come across such a scene in Japan.

  7. +Steve Johnson Dead leaves are not scattered attractively to here in Japan. A climate may be the cause.

  8. +Mineki Sato Ah right, we live in an area with a lot of big, broadleafed, deciduous trees. There is a downside – in about a week I'll have to rake all of these up and put them into very big but neat piles. These are just the first ones to drop.

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