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  1. Great black and white photo so soft and reflective~

  2. Thanks +Cheryl Cooper appreciated – wasn't quite sure if it fit under the sub-theme of temptations or not :)

  3. I think it works . . . we are drawn to the 'princess' images of these dresses from a young age after all . . . it's the happily ever after that can be quite illusive ; )  beautiful and dreamy one Steve , great share!

  4. Thanks +Jules Falk Hunter For what it is worth I thought that was probably a gender difference on whether this image could represent temptation or not but didn't want to be presumptuous :) 

  5. +Steve Johnson I think you are correct there!  my hubby shares a tale of skipping the country when his then girlfriend started looking in jewelry shop windows at rings ; ) 

  6. +Jules Falk Hunter I can understand that being a late starter in the marriage game ;)

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