11 Responses to “Why the Dinosaurs became extinct”


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  1. LOL … I think you need some lessons in history ;)

  2. +Thorn Button Plenty here that think that homo sapien and the dinosaurs were on the planet at the same time – sad really.

  3. … because they evolute to plastic dinosaurs? +Steve Johnson

  4. Haha…great picture =)

  5. +Chris Goss thanks :) this is what I do when I should be working.

  6. +David Kaiser thanks David – a fun distraction

  7. i loooove this guy, i had 27 dinosaur figures when i was a child… :)

  8. +Marija Falina ha! I have around six – I'll have to start using some of the others :)

  9. +Steve Johnson i'll keep an eye on them… unfortunately i've given away almost all of my dinosaurs to my cousin… :( now i miss them somehow…haha

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