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  1. Wow Steve, Looks like something Roger Deakins would do in a Coen Bros film.

  2. +Sam Weinstein Wow! Deakins is one of my hero. Useless fact of the day – I was born in the same county as him, Devon in SW England. He was from the South of the county which is a much flatter landscape than the North which is where I am from. He spent a year photographing farms in North Devon. As for the Coen Brothers – I'd walk over broken glass to see anything of theirs – goes without saying I suppose.

  3. That's a remarkable coincidence Steve. His (Deakins) vision is always unique, and powerful. Like this image you posted, I love it, and I see the story as being more along a Fargo, or Blood Simple then a Christmas story.

  4. Clean, simple, minimal. This is really great stuff.

  5. +Sam Weinstein a cinematographer in every sense of the word for sure. Fargo is probably my favorite – surprised the woodchipper didn't get an award :)

  6. +Mike Hurt Thanks Mike – appreciated.

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