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  1. I know how this feels. ;-P

  2. Me three… :-) Nice shot. Sepia is the perfect color for this, somehow…

  3. Yes, looks familiar. :) Nice to see it almost empty though. Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  4. +Ron Bearry Pleasure – I didn't expect to see any cars there and was disappointed that I didn't have a clear, carless shot at first +Shawn McClure Sepia has a sad feel to it – I agree +Kurt Harvey Definitely lonely

  5. The solitary car works well – gives intenseness to the fact that some folks work on a Saturday too. That car represents the isolated office worker whereas the other car owners are out elsewhere, at home, enjoying time with their families etc… Great shot!

  6. +Lynda Bowyer Thanks Lynda – that was exactly the point – from personal experience many decades ago :)

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