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  1. +Erika Stahoski oops – should have said – porridge with far to much milk and sugar for its own good.

  2. I've got Quaker Oatmeal in my bowl this morning. Its yummy :)

  3. AFAICT it's puke on a plate and I have to say it looks like it tastes – yuck. NOT a porridge fan at all. :)

  4. Looks nothing like porridge I make!

  5. +Iain Wilson I'd guess by the spelling of your name that you use steel cut oats – this is the wimpy rolled variety as favored by non-Celts :) This is also with milk and sugar (heated up with water and a dash of salt) not stirred in.

  6. +Steve Johnson you're spot on. Pinhead oats boiled in water with a little salt the night before. Then in the morning, reheat with a little milk and serve with golden syrup, perfect! :)

  7. LOL +Steve Johnson – I have this noise I make from the back of my throat whenever my children mention the "p" word in our house. They think it's funny and as a dad I'm happy to oblige but it sort of sums up my entire approach to porridge.

    It probably helps to add that I was forced raised on it whilst at boarding school and TBH I found cold soggy toast far more appealing :) No permanent psychological damage here though… much.

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